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Soft Smooth LegsLaser Hair Removal Questions

How do Laser Hair Removal treatments work?
The laser emits a beam of light that passes down to the follicle. The laser energy is converted into heat, which is absorbed into and kills the hair root. 
Do Laser Hair Removal Treatments hurt?
With advanced technology the patient feels very little discomfort during the procedure. A cryogen mist is sprayed onto the treated area immediately preceding the laser pulse.  Patients often describe it as a snapping sensation that lasts for only a second.
Are Laser Hair Removal Treatments safe?
Ageless Remedies of Alpharetta uses the state of the art Candela GentleYag.  We have spent much time and money on testing for safety and efficacy. All of our technology is FDA approved and very safe for our patients.
What results can I expect from Laser Hair treatments?
Each treatment will result in less hair, as well as hair becoming lighter and thinner. It is important to know that laser effectively treats hair that is in the growing phase and therefore, you do need multiple treatments. Normally, a patient needs about 6 treatments to have a satisfactory reduction.  Six treatments equates to approximately two procedures during each of the three growth cycles.

Each person responds differently to the treatments.  Factors such as coarseness and color of the hair, the skin's photosensitivity, medication, hair growth cycles and other influencers outside of the spa's purvue will affect the results.  A free consultation will answer many of those questions.

How frequently do I need Laser Hair Removal treatments?
Treatments are spaced every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the area of treatment. It is also important to know that you can not have sun or tanning 7 to 10 days prior to the treatment.
What can I expect after my Laser Hair Removal treatment?
There is no treatment protocol other than the area may be numbed through the application of ice.  Following the procedure, the treated area may be pink or red post treatment but this should resolve within 30 minutes post application. The technician may apply aloe or post laser gel to relieve any redness after the treatment.