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Laser Hair RemovalLaser Hair Removal for soft smooth skin.jpg

No More Shaving, Waxing, Cuts or Bumps!

All laser hair removal packages include 6 treatments and 2 touch ups for a total of 8 services.  Package payment plans or Care Credit financing makes these plans easy and affordable.




Bikini Traditional
Bikini with Happy Trail 
Lower Legs or Upper Legs $1395
Full Legs
Lower Legs with Bikini  
Upper Lip or Chin or Brow or Areola or Sideburns
Lip + Chin, Lip + Brow
Happy Trail or Hands or Feet 
Beard Shaping or Abdomen or Neck $725
Face or Chest (male) or Partial Back or Lower Arms or Shoulders $995
Chest and Abdomen $1395
Upper Arms with Shoulders or Full Arms $1395
Full Back $1395
5 Areas $3995

Bridal Packages

We will custom create beauty plans for you, your bridal party and even
the groom.  These are progressive treatment plans which build up to the big day helping you look the most beautiful ever. 

These idea starters show you examples of how Ageless Remedies is here to help.

Wedding WOW - $995 (reg. $1265)  Bridge from back.JPG
4 to 6 months before the wedding
2 Microdermabrasions
1 Jessner Peel
2 Ageless Remedies Signature Facials
1 Latisse
IPL Photo Facial
Brazilian Bikini Wax
Swedish Massage
Brow Art (Tint and Wax)
Glo Minerals Make-Over

Hot Mama: Mother of the Bride - $895 (reg. $890)
4 to 5 months before the wedding
3 Rejuvenating IPL Photo Facials
1 Microdermabrasion
2 Ageless Remedies Signature Facials
Swedish Massage
Brow Art (Tint and Wax)
Glo Minerals Make-Over

The Groom $698 (reg. 890)
3 to 4 months before the wedding
Laser Hair Removal - Back
Ageless Remedies Signature Facial
Sports Massage

Bridesmaid Sweet $349 (reg.460)
3 months before the wedding
1 Microdermabrasion
1 Ageless Remedies Signature Facial
Swedish Massage
Brow Art (Tint and Wax)
Glo Minerals Make-Over

Call us for an idea sharing (and fun) planning session.  770-475-0770.


Massage Therapy Plans

Deep Tissue Massagedeep tissue stress release.jpg
1 Hour for $79              3 for $205

Sports Massage
1 Hour for $89              3 for $229

Swedish Massage
1 Hour for $69               3 for $199

Pregnancy Massage
1 Hour for $79               3 for $205

Custom Blended Facial + Swedish Massage for first time service customers
       $139 - may be scheduled separately or during the same visit.


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