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to Erase the Years

Esthetic developments have created more advanced options with improved results.  The use of injectables has given the Ageless Remedies medical spa clients anti aging solutions that are effective in hours, not weeks.

Injectables are generally separated in categories that are defined by their use.

Botox Cosmetic © is a purified protein that is injected into the muscles which cause your skin to furrow and fold.  With the Botox treatment, the muscles are relaxed and the fine lines and wrinkles disappear.

Juverderm Ultra ©, Juvederm Ultra Plus ©, BELOTERO BALANCE and Radiesse © are dermal fillers.  Those injectables plump up the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Radiesse and Juvederm Ultra Plus diminish the nasal labial crease between the nostril and lips and are for facial sculpturing on the checks, jaw lines and chin.  Juvederm Ultra and Prevelle Silk are also used to enhance the lips.

Sclerotherapy is also an injectable procedure which reduces and eliminates the appearance of veins generally found on the legs and hands.

Overall, injectables are minimally invasive.  The treatment is largely unnoticed except when a little redness occurs at the injection site.  Applying ice or a topical anesthetic is all that is generally needed for the comfort of the patient.  After the treatment, the patient routinely returns to their normal activities.

All injectable services are performed by specially certified and licensed, physician assistants or nurse practitioners.  The Ageless Remedies medical professionals have been trained in the art, as well as the science, of injectable treatments.

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