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Men's Spa Services

Alpharetta Men’s Spa ServicesMen, through the early Nineties, felt that the signs of aging were signs of looking distinguished.  However, with the awakening of a more health conscious world, men realized that being healthy and looking healthy went hand in hand.

Why not reflect a vital, youthful appearance? 

Ageless Remedies of Alpharetta Medical Spa has assembled a list of results-oriented services especially designed for wellness and reversing the signs of aging in our male patients.

Neuro Muscular Massages:  Deep Tissue and Sport Massages are designed to release the knots and stress of long trips, too much desk time or an errant golf swing.  You can have more ease of motion and flexibility with a therapeutic massage from our certified neuromuscular therapist.

Lines and Wrinkles: One of the most satisfying things about injectables is that there is almost immediate elimination of lines and wrinkles…but you still look like you.  The Botox or filler injections take only minutes, the results take place in hours and you will look years younger for months.  It is an anti aging solution that no one needs to know about.

Age Spots or Sun Damage:  Those days outdoors without sun block are causing brown spots on the forehead or cheek bones. Eliminate those age spots with an esthetic service, such as a peel (you don’t have to peel), a microdermabrasion or an at home regimen of skin lightening products.

Unwanted Hair:  Tired of shaving.  Laser hair removal can shape your beard growth or extend your last haircut with reduction of neck hair growth.  Or if you want a sleeker, more fit physique, the removal of back and chest hair can do that.  We know that you will be doing it for her...

Free consultations are available to help assess and plan your return to a more youthful you.

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