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Ageless Remedies Medical Spa of Alpharetta realizes that your teen may have some serious skin care issues, but is uncomfortable with a spa setting.  For these reasons, we use a warm, more casual approach to their services. However, the same advanced skin care protocols are used, adjusted to their younger, more sensitive

The challenges of teen skin care vary from an oily state with congested pores to Acneic conditions which can develop into scarring.  Our medical estheticians offer a series of facials, peels or a microdermabrasions for exfoliation and deep cleansing.  The components of the teen spa treatments are reflective of the condition that is developing for them. 

We also have a series of procedures just for the treatment of all four kinds of acne.  The scope of the acne treatments can range from an initial deep pore cleansing facial and an at home regimen to an ISOLAZ Photo Pneumatic Acne Program.  We have several options available to control acne in order to prevent scarring and the confidence problems it causes.

We also provide waxing and laser hair removal for personal grooming and to control unwanted hair growth.

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